[PD] Re: reports about vst~

lalo alfonso.santimone at tin.it
Sun Aug 8 20:46:10 CEST 2004

Thanx for the quick reply Thomas!
There's a lot of plugs around that deal with midi out...for example a 
lot of stuff from Tobybear
( http://www.tobybear.de ), check out his nice (and 
freeware/donationware) midibag suite...
there's a lot of Synthedit made stuf too ;) ...
oh...do you think will be possible to do a version of your [vst~] for 
maxmsp too?...using flext?
p.s. : these are a few suggestins i made to the maxmsp community...maybe 
you they can help you

1. provide full VSTTimeInfo to [vst~] ...it's a class in VSTSDK 
providing all tempo information to plug-ins           
(start/stop/transport/bar position/beat/ticks/sampleposition/etc...)
2.      if to give pd a "classic" vst host implementation is not the 
case...i have in mind another strategy....
        do a kind of [vsthost~] object wich provide all the vst event 
known ..it's inlets could be bpm, time signature, start, stop, and      
        inlets  to receive info from other time-related max objects as 
[metro], [timer] etc.
        it's outlets could be a kind of "vstevent" one...to be passed to 
a new [vst~] inlet called i.e. "vstevent".....the [vst~] could have
        a "vstevent" outlet too to pass it's received or 
internal-generated vstevents.

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