name spaces (Re: [PD] Re: reports about vst~)

smoerk smoerk at
Mon Aug 9 12:08:57 CEST 2004

Thomas Grill wrote:

> Btw., on the list there are discussions going on about how to solve this
> name-clash problem for PD in a generic manner.


- add the possibility to load externals from inside a patch
   ( load <external> )

- put every external in a name space by default (cyclone.vst~)

- possibility to load externals in another name space
   ( load <external> as <namespace name> )

- possibility to load only one object from an external library
   ( load <object> from <external> )
   ( load * from <external>

to remain compatibility the -lib parameter could load the externals as 

i think that loading externals at startup without the possibility to 
load externals later condtradicts the visual on-the-fly programming.

is there are reason not load externals from inside a patch?

i feel that Pd has the biggest flaws with it usability and loading of 
externals is one of the greatest sources of frustration. (i have to 
admit that usability of PD vastly improved over the last years, 
especially with the windows installers and the linux packages for the 

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