[PD] Channel output

David NG McCallum d at mentalfloss.ca
Tue Aug 10 04:22:35 CEST 2004


Try running pd.exe -listdev to take a look at the audio devices 
available to Pd. If you're using ASIO you should do -asio -listdev. Then 
in your .bat, or in the command line specify -audiodev 1,3,5 (or 
whatever numbers and order you want) according to the numbers that 
-listdev gave you, which should be the stereo pairs of your card (as I 
remember my m-audio quattro was like that).

I do seem to remember some problem with the numbers a while back in 
Windows, though, where they were 1 out of place, so that a device listed 
by -listdev as "0" was actually -audiodev 1. But I haven't used Pd in 
windows in a while, so that may have been fixed.

Hope that helps,

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Bradon Webb wrote:
> hello,
> can anyone tell me what the proper syntax for getting
> pd to recognize all my output channels from my
> soundcard.  I recently got a 410 m-audio firewire card
> with 10 outputs.  This is how I have my .bat file
> configured for channels.
> set PD_CHANNELS= -channels 6 %PD_CHANNELS%
> I don't necessarily need all 10 outputs right now,
> just 4.  What I am getting is output on channels 1 & 2
> from my old built in soundcard, plus two output
> channels 1 & 2 from my firewire card. (which is
> actually the 3 & 4 output within pd)  and there is no
> output on channels 5 & 6.  I assume there may be a way
> to prioritize the firewire card over the built in
> soundcard and to specify the use of 4 channels with
> the firewire.
> do I need a command within the .bat to set the audio
> device to the m-audio?
> thanks,
> bradon

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