[PD] please cancel my membership on this list

Lex Ein lex_ein at f-m.fm
Tue Aug 10 19:07:56 CEST 2004

1. Bloated .sig signatures desensitize people to any and all
"below the line" text.

2. 1 topic per posting, and reply-on-top allow efficient handling
of list mail.  An unfortunate side effect is that the list footer is lost
at the bottom.

3. The signature should have fewer lines, bolder, full width, and
multi-lingual.  Suggestion:

4. The polite technique is a reply to the person only, with ONLY the 
list footer.


zmoelnig at iem.at wrote:

>  Josh Steiner wrote:
> > (you know... i did send this exact message to the list at 11:46 am
> > today too)
>  thanks for doing my work (unlike me in a polite way!)
> >> _______________________________________________ PD-list mailing
> >> list PD-list at iem.at to manage your subscription (including
> >> un-subscription) see
> >> http://iem.at/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/pd-list
>  i am wondering, whether people do not see this message (e.g. it is to
>  small) or do not understand it (e.g. "un-subscription" means nothing
>  to them or my english is not understandable)
>  anybody knows a a better hint for people who want to unsubscribe
>  themselve ??
>  mfg.s.dr IOhannes

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