[PD] please cancel my membership on this list

Lex Ein lex_ein at f-m.fm
Tue Aug 10 19:43:26 CEST 2004

Frank Barknecht wrote:
>  Hallo, Lex Ein hat gesagt: // Lex Ein wrote:
> > 2. reply-on-top allow efficient handling of list mail.
>  Huh? Generally bottom quoting is considered to be bad style[...]
But (from "Netiquette") - "Follow any and all guidelines that the 
listowner has posted; the listowner establishes the local "netiquette" 
standards for her/his list."
Well, there aren't any, so we could argue this until doomsday.

"it's very easy to lose the context in a posting without any quoting at 
all. Letting the reader understand the context is very important for 
easy reading. Therefore there should always be /some few/ lines 
reminding the reader about what kind of discussion he is into.
If a person has to /scroll down/ to read the new information, there are 
probably too much [sic] quotes in the article. "

My more important point (now lost at the bottom of this message) is that 
the list footer should be concise, bold, and clear.

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