[PD] policy for handling unsubscription requests

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Aug 11 11:39:19 CEST 2004

Lex Ein wrote:
> But (from "Netiquette") - "Follow any and all guidelines that the 
> listowner has posted; the listowner establishes the local "netiquette" 
> standards for her/his list."
> Well, there aren't any, so we could argue this until doomsday.

actually the listowner can set up a local netiquette and he as done so 
right now...
new subscribers will get a reference link to a site explaining how 
quotes should be done. anyone else gets the link at 

probably there will be a real "local netiquette"-site in the future.

> Counterstrike:
> all. Letting the reader understand the context is very important for 
> easy reading. Therefore there should always be /some few/ lines 
> reminding the reader about what kind of discussion he is into.

actually there should always be at least one line for "reminding the 
reader": the subject

as for "some few" lines, this does not say anything about where they 
should be (top or bottom), but as we are reading top-down and we need to 
know the context before we understand an answer, this is a strong 
argument for top quotes.
and bottom quotes tend to become TOFU.

 > 1. Bloated .sig signatures desensitize people to any and all
 > "below the line" text.

signatures tend to bloat because several "people" (e.g.: software) add 
there signature to the same posting.
while there might be "interesting" (for *me*) information in the 
signature (e.g: how to unsubscribe from a mailing-list) there is often 
"uninteresting" (for *me*) information (e.g: that someone is using 
hotmail (i can get the same information reading his email-address))

of course all of the unsubscribe information is also present in the 
header of the mail (but i don't think we can get people to examine the 
header of an email to turn off postings...)

 > 2. 1 topic per posting,


 > 3. The signature should have fewer lines, bolder, full width, and
 > multi-lingual.

i have stripped the signature down a bit

however, i don't like to bloat the signature with multilingual 
upper-case messages.
the pd-list is an english only mailing-list. it should be ok to stay in 


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