[PD] Re: [PD-announce] pool 0.2.0 - a hierarchical storage object

Josh Steiner josh at vitriolix.com
Wed Aug 11 20:00:35 CEST 2004

it is a usability problem for systems like bitvitriol (my perf env) and 
rrradical if you try to share songs with other people, since the 
hardcoded absolute path's will be wrong when you move the song 
anywhere.  that being said, i dont know a solution (yet) ...

Frank Barknecht wrote:

>Thomas Grill hat gesagt: // Thomas Grill wrote:
>>this behavior has not changed since 0.2.0something. I see from your
>>example that relative paths have their caveats.
>>I'm open for better solutions though - any suggestions?
>I don't think, it's a problem with pool, it's a caveat for users.  If
>they take care about where their paths point to it's not a real
>problem. I always use absolute paths anyway (which could be stored in a
>pool btw.).

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