[PD] Show your Pant...*cough* Patches - ( was Re: [PD-announce] pool 0.2.0 - a hierarchical storage object)

shift8 shift8 at digitrash.com
Thu Aug 12 00:14:14 CEST 2004

On Wed, 2004-08-11 at 20:00, aym3ric wrote:
> > because people don't want to spend the time supporting them?
> i'm too lazy for a long answer.

indeed... ;)

> the short answer would be that everyone has its own motivation but it
> would be possible (would take a long time though) to list all the
> stereotyped behaviours from the psycho developer and his 100% pure geek
> patches that would not obviously mean a lot to be shared, to the
> "normal" user too shy to post/announce anything on the main list but has
> his "secret pd life" somewhere on a some sites/forums (and we should not
> forget to mention the patcher who will never release his absolute holy
> grail killing tool he's working on for 4 years now ... good luck buddy
> you will succeed ... eventually)

personaly, i think it's the "pure geek" patches that are the most
interesting.  but that aside, i'd also think that the "holy grail"
patchers would eventually want to release thier tools driven by the same
"ultrageek" status-seeking and peer review pathos that drive the open
source community. this last bit is the source of my question, because it
doesn't seem like that's how it works out in the patcher world. 

> Now the good question would be, what if there would be a way to close
> the content of a patch ? would there be more performance patches shared
> ? well ... i'm afraid yes.

prolly true, but really unfortunante.  i guess there must be some other
reason then the cost that they use pd instead of max. data structures? 

interesting enough, this dovetails with another thought i'm sure has
kicked arround a bit... using pd as a modeling tool, and having an
external that takes the patch and the pd source, generating c code that
could then be compliled and released under whatever license the author
sees fit.

> There are simply people who just don't want to share their work,
> researches, tools ... though they may just copy paste from what a few
> others are ok to share.
> It's been like this for ages, it's like this for a lot of creation
> fields. 
> Sure it's disappointing, but well ... can't help i guess and it will not
> avoid me to sleep tonight.

same, and true.

> > what are yall's thoughts on it?
> hip hop and you don't stop.

lottydotty. weliketopahty. wedontcausetrouble. wedontbothernobody.

> Frank (aka DJ Frank "Funky Town" Barknecht) and I are working on a
> pd/Gem flyer that will announce shortly a friendly pd demo online
> contest that will last from mid august till end of september. More infos
> soon.

cool - that sounds awsome!  sure to be some insteresting stuff to come
of that.

> I think it will be a good benchmark for the pd patcher community, how
> much patches will we receive ? 2 ? 1000 ?

survey says:  42

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