[PD] pdp_ieee1394

slimboyfatboyslim slimboyfatboyslim at slimboyfatboyslim.org
Thu Aug 12 06:42:51 CEST 2004

hi list,

when I start to capture video stream using pdp_ieee1394, it outputs

pdp_ieee1394: opened default component
pdp_ieee1394: initialized sequence grabber
pdp_ieee1394: set data ref ok.
pdp_ieee1394: created new sequence grabber channnel.
pdp_ieee1394: set sequence grabber ChannelBounds
pdp_ieee1394: set sequence grabber ChannelUsage
pdp_ieee1394: set sequence grabber to : high quality

but there's no video stream to pdp_glx,

there's a small light on my camera indicating it is activated

pdp_glx shound be no problem, it works with other patches using qt

I've tried Gem's pix_video with the same camera and it works

using 10.3.4, PD 0.37, GEM 0.87, Pidip 0.12.13


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