[PD] pydyn

vincent Rioux vincent.rioux at no-log.org
Thu Aug 12 17:27:17 CEST 2004

With the latest versions of flext, dyn~ and py/pyext with Pd from cvs on Linux,
It is now possible to dynamically create and connect (from a Python script 
via ethernet for e.g. :-) complex Pd objects which may contains py/pyext 
This sounds to me like a beautiful step toward the integration of a simply 
powerfull OO scripting-language and a real-time system.
many thanks to Thomas Grill (among many others of course) for making it 

some details:
- It would be nice if the official Pd release could integrate the needed 
modifications for this combination to work. afaik the latest pd release 
still produces "stack overflow" errors when using py/pyext and crashes when 
trying to use dyn for the creation of py/pyext objects. Might be useful for 
windows users who do not necessarily want to handle all the compilation 
work for example.
- I noticed that when using "pd -jack" the ouput of py/pyext objects is 
very much slowed down (while pd -alsa is working like a charm).

sincere greetings to the puredata community,

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