[PD] pydyn

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Thu Aug 12 19:22:03 CEST 2004

Hi Vincent,
many thanks for your mail.

Some notes:

> With the latest versions of flext, dyn~ and py/pyext with Pd from cvs on
> It is now possible to dynamically create and connect (from a Python script
> via ethernet for e.g. :-) complex Pd objects which may contains py/pyext
> objects...
> This sounds to me like a beautiful step toward the integration of a simply
> powerfull OO scripting-language and a real-time system.

I'm working on an even tighter integration where PD objects can be directly
managed by object-oriented C or Python code, without the detour of message
generation. This can then be used for dynamic patching or just another
patcher system.

> - It would be nice if the official Pd release could integrate the needed
> modifications for this combination to work. afaik the latest pd release
> still produces "stack overflow" errors when using py/pyext and crashes
> trying to use dyn for the creation of py/pyext objects. Might be useful
> windows users who do not necessarily want to handle all the compilation
> work for example.

I'm not aware that the stack overflow happens under Windows as well - i
thought it's only when using linux.
Could you send me a simple patch with the crashing py/pyext-dyn combination?

> - I noticed that when using "pd -jack" the ouput of py/pyext objects is
> very much slowed down (while pd -alsa is working like a charm).

I'll have to investigate but it may take a while since i'm not running jack
at the moment.

best greetings,

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