[PD] mac os x watchdog and error number -9997

Samuel B Burt brialey at juno.com
Thu Aug 12 19:38:32 CEST 2004

I have been using pd in Windows for a long time and I also ran it in
Linux for a while.  I have been a subscriber to the development list
because I like to stay on top of all the changes that are being made and
new functionalities added.  However, I have not been subscribed to this
list, because, up until now, I could solve my own problems without asking
for help.  So, I apologize now if this is a frequent question, and if it
is, I hope someone can point me quickly to the solution.  I have seen
references to similar problems in the list archives but no satisfactory
answers or thorough discussions of the matter.

At the Peabody Institute I have access to many G3s and G4s.  I have
always been unsuccessful installing pd in OS X.  Today, I attempted to
use the pd-0.36-extended2-MacOSX.dmg.  The installer always runs fine. 
When I try to open pd, however, I get the following:

Error number -9997 occured opening portaudio stream
Error message: Invalid device ID
watchdog: signaling pd...
watchdog: signaling pd...
watchdog: signaling pd...
watchdog: signaling pd...

After trying some fixes suggested in previous threads like using various
flags and running Disk Utility to fix permissions, I ran pd and got the
same results.  I have tried -noadc, I have tried sudoing pd, I have tried
running pd as root, and I cannot find anything that works.  I know that
other people out there are using pd in OS X.  How did you do it?  I would
be happy to write a how-to guide if there isn't one once I solve the

S B Burt
brialey at juno.com

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