[PD] pydyn

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Fri Aug 13 21:14:31 CEST 2004

Hi Tom,

>> I'm working on an even tighter integration where PD objects can be 
>> directly
>> managed by object-oriented C or Python code, without the detour of 
>> message
>> generation. This can then be used for dynamic patching or just another
>> patcher system.
> very interesting.
> can you elaborate on this a bit more?

the project is still in the concept stage, but it will be a topic for 
the PD convention in Graz.
In short words, it will be a shared library with a C-style API that 
acts as an interface to the PD system. It's built on top of the 
traditional API and i don't think that changes to PD are needed. It 
will manage construction, destruction, connection of objects and 
storage of associated additional data.
Just as with dyn~ the objects will live in a sandbox, they will not 
appear in the tcl/tk patcher system.

> i'm trying to do something similar with mole and pf, but i'm stuck at 
> the
> point where i need to catch the objects's output and map it to a 
> function
> return value..

In dyn~ this is done with "proxy" objects that are connected to the 
objects of interest.

best greetings,

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