[PD] operator/spigot problem - action repeats unintentional

Thomas Ouellet Fredericks iamonthebeach at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 16 22:38:18 CEST 2004

Use more a lot more |trigger| objects in your patches. I think the source of
your problem resides in how your control signal is routed and distributed.


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Subject: [PD] operator/spigot problem - action repeats unintentional

> Hi list,
> I am trying since two days to understand why it doesnt work. I make a
> comparison of two values and want to bang an action if the signal is
> lower/higher/equal a tolerance value.
> The operator objects give the right values. but everytime the status
> changes (eg. from lower to higher) the old status would be printed once
> (eg. lower printed even if its higher, higher will be printed,too).
> I dont know why, even after reading the help patches. Maybe somebody of
> you could help me solving this problem. I attached the the .pd and
> would really appreciate your help.
> thanks in advance


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