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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Aug 17 17:42:39 CEST 2004

shreeswifty hat gesagt: // shreeswifty wrote:

> i don't think i am able to fully grasp OSC yet, at least as it 
> compares to Sc3 which i would like to use it with. Ideally i would 
> love for Sc3 MouseX controls to control Audio in Sc3 on one 
> machine and trigger GEM on another or within one machine

Which is a perfect application for OSC. OSC is actually very simple.
You have two components: the connection, which is just a network
connection. It requires hostname and port and is done with a simple
message to sendOSC. Then you can send OSC messages through this
connection, which also is simple. OSC messages contain two parts: A
"target" which is like a file system path in Unix or the web:
/synth/volume would be an example. And it needs a value which can be
any number string list of those and so on. This would be a complete
OSC message: 

"/synth1/volume 121"

and it would set the "volume" of "synth1" to 121. Every application
can define the names of the targets (also called methods sometimes)
itself. Basically OSC is like a "netsend/netreceive" standardized and
on steroids.

I know that SuperCollider provides some predefined messages, but you
also can create new ones, I think. But you better ask for details on
this on a SC-list.

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