[PD] Pd does'nt start...

Iván Esquinca Yáñez erbmon at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 20 22:35:55 CEST 2004

Im kinda new to Pd nevertheless I have already used it a bit. I have 
installed the 0.37.1 version for wish 8.5 with the Hans' installers (I also 
have the uPDdated 'pack' to try using the .app). Few days ago I saw the new 
version of the Hans' installers that aslo work as an .app, so I downloaded 
and deleted  the old version from the system. Now, the problem is that 
neither the uPDated.app nor the Pd.app wants to start, I mean, it starts but 
do not finish starting. When I click on it, it launches  the terminal 
window, then it seem to happen something because when the wish window is 
loading as well as the libraries specified in the .pdrc, all processes in 
the machine seem to stop, seem like it freezes, then the program quits. I 
dont know why it is happening, it didnt until few days ago. I was thinking 
that perhaps is a problem of the Wish versions, but dont know...
does anybody please can tell me what to do?


Ivan E.Y.

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