[PD] pdp Matrox G550 TV out

luigi.rensinghoff luigi.rensinghoff at freenet.de
Sun Aug 22 05:35:51 CEST 2004

Hi List....

Have been off for a while, now i have a very special question:

Is it possible to run a pdp-window in a TV at all ? How do you do that ?

Does anyone by any chance have a Matrox Millenium G550 DualHead Card,
because that has a TV-Out Option (runs with an adapter) ?

And it should work therefore, right ?

I found some documents (G550 TV-Out Howto) but that means a kernel
patch, which is very complicated, because i have a Planet CCRMA, and i
dont want to rebuild my kernel (because oh the capabilities and latency
patches included )

So guys..this one is for the profs ;-)

Any Solution ;-)

Best Regards, Luigi 

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