[PD] Pd 0.37.4 app test release for MacOS X

0001 0001 at ooo000ooo.org
Sun Aug 22 14:20:57 CEST 2004

hi, I've put a modified version of the test MacOSX application package 


* moved to the WishKit app package (distributed with tcl / tk BI)
* added -nowish flag to pd
* modified AppMain.tcl and pd.tk to launch pd -nowish and load pdtcl in 
the new structure, also completed drag+drop support ;)
* recompiled pdtcl to link with embeded frameworks. For some reason 
@executable_path/../Frameworks seems to resolve to inside the Resuorces 
folder of the package, so I've copied the Frameworks folder there as 
well as a hackaround.
* added some experimental documentation menu  patches.

the biggest problem  is that it lacks the console. some feedback is 
available at  Console.ap, but not the  [print] messages. solutions that 
come to mind are the impd console or whatever tigital did with  pd++  
for going to Console.app (stderr). or maybe the Wish Shell's own 
console could be used.

one effect of decoupling is that if you run into problems, you may need 
to manually kill the pd process. maybe  the tcl code could do this at 
startup. In general, the startup process may need some improvements.



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