[PD] bug(?): send/receive problem with gui elements

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Aug 22 17:39:18 CEST 2004

Tim Blechmann hat gesagt: // Tim Blechmann wrote:

> i _suppose_ there is a bug in the gui code concerning the send/receives of
> toggles...
> i attatched a part of an abstraction that produces this bug ... a |1(
> message is received, although no |1( message has been sent ...
> if someone is interested in this behaviour, please check the attached patch
> / abstraction ...
> to reproduce the bug to the following:
> press "diag1_invert"
> press "vertikal"           -> this results a message 0 to both
> "diag1_invert" and "vertikal" and a message 1 to "mitte_invert"
> this is ok. but:
> press "diag1"              -> this results a message 1 to "mitte" that
> results a message 0 to all the other toggles ...
> this behaviour is definitely wrong, since it should only have this specific
> behaviour if "vertical" is 1.
> i traced the sends and receives to the "vertical" toggle and it seems, there
> is a message |1(, coming from nowhere... (sorry, i'd like to be more
> detailed, but at the moment, i can't say more)

I added a [r sync-waende-vertikal-rec]->[print] and as hard as I try,
there are only zeros coming into this. I would rule out, that the
toggle is getting a 1 anywhere. Also when I remove the internal
receiver and connect the [r sync-waende-vertikal-rec] to the toggle, I
never get a 1. Which is natural, as there are only [0('s connected to
everything that evaluates to "sync-waende-vertikal-rec". The only
thing that *could* get a 1 outside a toggle is
"sync-waende-mittei-rec" and "sync-waende-mitte-rec"

Other than that I still do not fully understand the flow of logic in
that patch, which "feels" to be more complicated than it would have to
be.  At least the argument count of [sync/parse_sync1_12] makes me
think: this is too much. (One would probably never write a C function
which requires 13 arguments...)

I would recommend to factor out some of these, which would make user
errors less likely (for starters remove redundancy like
sync-waende-global as argument 13 everywhere.)

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