[PD] bug(?): send/receive problem with gui elements

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Aug 22 20:33:43 CEST 2004

Tim Blechmann hat gesagt: // Tim Blechmann wrote:

> please don't explain the syntax of toggle or the _language_ pd!

I never intended to do this, I was just intending to follow your
problem description.

> just add a |r sync-waende-vertikal-send|->|print|
> and
> in parse_sync2_1 behind the |r $1-send| another print object ...
> (to make shure, do this in a running patch, don't save the abstraction)
Okay, this is another problem, which wasn't clear from what you wrote
in the first mail. "sync-waende-vertikal-send" is not what the toggle
receives, it's what it sends. So the problem is a mysterious 1 that
gets send, and it seems to get send by the toggle, as that's the only
place such a send could be generated (as far as I see, which still
might not be that far.

The 1 even can be exchanged to another number by seting the non-zero
value of the vertikal-toggle to it. BTW: There is no need to add the 
[r sync-waende-vertikal-send] to the abstraction, it can be added to
the main patch as well to show this behaviour. 

This indeed is strange.
> in fact, this patch _is_ more complicated ... 

Oh, I'm sure it is. ;)

> i broke this out of a more complicated patch ... i deleted a huge
> stuff to make track down the problem ... and to make shure, there is
> not some kind of error, coming from somewhere else in the patch!!!

Maybe we can find a way to make it even more simple up to the point,
where the "bug" doesn't occur anymore, then look what was removed last.

> if you follow the logic of the abstraction, (parse_sync2_1) you will
> see, that if the second argument's send is 1 and $1-send (from the tgl),
> a message |0( will be sent to $1-rec (to the tgl).
> this will send the |0( to $1-send ... but there is the problem! ... the
> last message arriving at $1-sen is a |1(

As I wrote above, I think, the problem is, to find where this non-zero
value for the vertikal-toggle's send is coming from. And it get
generated come when you toggle on "diag" then "vertikal" as well, as
when you toggle on "diag_invert" and then "vertikal". See attached
modifikation of the patch, which monitors sends and receives by

As the toggle in my patch has no sends and receives anymore I'm still
convinced, that the bug is not one in "tgl" but somewhere in the logic

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