[PD] bug(?): send/receive problem with gui elements

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sun Aug 22 22:03:54 CEST 2004

Tim Blechmann wrote:
> hi all,

 > i traced the sends and receives to the "vertical" toggle and it 
seems, there
 > is a message |1(, coming from nowhere... (sorry, i'd like to be more
 > detailed, but at the moment, i can't say more)

first i have to say that i do not understand your patch at all. i guess 
this is due to the stripping down from a more complex patch (as 
explained to frank) and to have no explanation at all what it is 
supposed to do.

"[1( coming from nowhere" is really a bit short; i guess you do not 
expect the message to be sent to "sync-waende-mitte-rec" (?)

> i _suppose_ there is a bug in the gui code concerning the send/receives of
> toggles...

using explicit [s] and [r] instead of the gui-internals' gives me the 
same result (unless i am looking at the wrong things)

what is going on.
pre) i hit the "diag1_invert" and then "vertikal"

press "diag1" ->
"1" is sent to the second receive of the first (upper) "parse_sync2_1" 
in "aus_zwei_mach_eins" ->
the selector fires (the left-hand operator of [&&] is "1" because of 
pressing the "vertical"-button before) ->
.. send "0" to "sync_waende_vertical_rec" (does not do much, as the [&&] 
results in 0)
.. send "0" to "sync_waende_diag_rec" (does not do much either)
.. send "1" to "sync_waende_mitte_rec" (is this the [1( out of nowhere ??)

> it's a user bug)
i think so

a lot of logic is going on between all those s/r-pairs, which is hard to 
track down especially when trigger-problems might occur.

tip: use [trigger] for explicitly defining when to send a message to 
[print] (e.g. what happens before things are [s]ent and what happens 


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