[PD] Pd 0.37.4 app test release for MacOS X

0001 0001 at ooo000ooo.org
Mon Aug 23 00:27:56 CEST 2004

>  would be great if you would work out of the CVS and add some 
> instructions to the README.  All of the files for creating the Pd.app 
> are in packages/darwin_app.

not sure I understand that right. I can post a patch for -nowish, all 
the rest of the code is inside the package.

> It would be good to have this all done from 
> packages/darwin_app/Makefile, since that's the Makefile that assembles 
> the Pd.app that I created.
it shouldn't be too difficult, you just need to choose a reference Tcl 
/ Tk installation that includes a package with the embedded frameworks.

> Help->Pure Documentation needs to be figured out.  The patches that 
> are included in the Pd.app are a good workaround, but I think in the 
> long run, we should figure out something that would be easier to 
> maintain.  But perhaps having all of the docs put into a navigatible 
> system of patches would be a good idea, kind of like Pd hypertext.  
> But it would add to the amount of maintenance that would need to be 
> done.

actually those ones are in part automated with a shell script. but I 
admit it's more of a workaround for now. I think I've seen something 
similar in jMax

> This shouldn't be too hard to do.  Each instance of Pd.app (Wish 
> Shell.app wrapper for the pd process) could keep track of the pd 
> -nowish PID, then make sure to kill it when it exits.
well currently it quits the (sub)process,  the problem is when it 

>  The Tcl exceptions could be used to catch crashes, etc. (if they are 
> anything like Java exceptions, I haven't really looked into them).
is it included as standard? that'd be great


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