[PD] Pure Data Trigger Gang Bang - preview

aym3ric stm-sq at bleu255.com
Mon Aug 23 15:47:07 CEST 2004

Dear PD fans,

i'm very glad to announce you an event that will certainly change the
face of earth.
For the first time ever a Pure Data demo online contest is organized.

Right now this mail is just an announce preview as the official start
will occur in the upcoming week.

Everyone is encouraged to participate, no winners, just a friendly
gathering of compos patchers. Once all the patches are received they
will be published by goto10 (tempsite@: http://goto10.org) an .fr 
non-profit org dedicated to digital arts support.


To participate you just have to follow a couple of rules (hey it's a
compo contest ^^).

- patch type : fully automated/scheduled/generative NO INTERACTION
- content : audio AND video (choose your favourite weapon PDP/PiDiP, 
  Gem, Framestein, GridFlow)
- size : patch(es) + extra material must NOT exceed 128kB
- externals : ONLY the ones from CVS
- application : anyone can apply, individual and teams AND several times
- net : the use of internet is tolerated as long as you don't use
  [shell] to download 300MB of porn files. (mmm? well let's say that one
  could use [shell]+some perl to grab stuff from google, but on the
  other hand it would be forbidden to use [shell]+wget to grab from your
  www/ftp all the material you needed for your patch that woud not fit
  in 128kB).
- CPU/GPU : no real limitations, just consider that if your patch takes
  100% of the CPU of your brand new box you just bought to play DoomIII
  then you should be aware that some people could have trouble to run your
- OS : use your own. no restricitions ;)
- theme/style : no theme or style, everything is most welcome ! from
  oldskool flexiscolls and soundchip trackers to pure noise
- deadline : you can start to send your patch(es) the 1st of september
  until the 20th of september, then all the patches will be published on
  the PD Trigger Gang Bang Site.


feel free to mail me if you have any questions
official announce mail + Gem flyer available soon.
if you only make audio patches and want to participate, it should not be
hard to find someone for the visual part on the pd-list ;)


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