[PD] Re: [PD-dev] Re: [PD-announce] vst~ beta download

smoerk smoerk at gmx.de
Mon Aug 23 17:04:38 CEST 2004

Frank Barknecht wrote:

> Hallo,
> Koray Tahiroglu hat gesagt: // Koray Tahiroglu wrote:
>>I would like to ask if anybody has a future plan for developing
>>vst~ object for MacOSX?
>>beside that, it would be really nice to have "PD Instruments" inside Pure
>>Data, so that there would not be any need for external instruments.
> What would "Pd instruments" be? 

I would say it's something like a VSTi for Pd (and implemented in Pd).

I friend gave me a short tutorial for Reaktor, which is similar to Pd, 
but everything is organized in Ensembles, Instruments, Macros and 

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