[PD] best audio interface for windows xp (digidesign)

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Mon Aug 23 23:32:11 CEST 2004

Hi Tom,
you should have a look at the RME (www.rmeaudio.com) and Maudio interfaces
I have an RME HDSP multiface (which is not firewire-based) and i'm really
happy with it. However, judging from the RME mailing list the new Fireface
seems to be at least as good.

best greetings,

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Subject: [PD] best audio interface for windows xp (digidesign)

> I would like to know what are the multiple output audio interfaces that
> function properly with windows xp. If you have successfully run a multiple
> out firewire interface with PD in XP, could would please send me a mail?
> I tried the digidesign 002 asio driver, but when I select it in PD's audio
> settings panel, the digidesign 002 interface says it is working, but it
> not play any audio. Has anyone been able to make it function with PD?
> tom
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