[PD] audio~ -> pyext ?

sven ml.sven at wildsmile.de
Tue Aug 24 01:20:21 CEST 2004

At 18:47 23.08.2004, you wrote:
>Hi Sven,
> > but I just want to do a fft, extract critical bands and some other
> > - feature extraction in general. all that can be done using Numeric Python
> > which
> > is a highly optimized package for number crunching tasks. that package is
> > written in c and I wouldn't
> > get it much faster if I wrote an external in c than just using numpy.
>i see... i'm afraid there's no such connection in PD yet... this is planned
>to be integrated into a future version of vasp.
>Have you tried if the current vasp version can help you with your project?

haven't tried vasp yet. but it looks very interesting. i'll have a closer 
look at it.

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