[PD] [ANN] GridFlow 0.7.7

Mathieu Bouchard matju at sympatico.ca
Thu Aug 26 05:14:46 CEST 2004

Here is a new release of GridFlow, a multi-dimensional dataflow processing
library for PureData, Ruby and jMax, designed for interactive


If you have any questions and/or want to talk, there is the #dataflow
chatroom on IRC.FreeNode.Net, where Pd/jMax/MAX-like software is on-topic.

If you have any trouble installing GridFlow (or have any questions),
please send me an email about it, or see me on IRC.

version 0.7.7 (2004.08.24):

 * GridFlow runs on MacOS 10.2 with PureData 0.37
 * updated drag_rectangle.pd, nervous_video.pd, fire.pd,
 * updated feedback_fractal.pd (added morphing)
 * added pd_examples/waves.pd, pd_examples/sand.pd
 * added pd_examples/color_detect.pd (supersedes chroma_key.pd)
 * added pd_examples/spectrogram.pd, pd_examples/photo_pianoroll.pd
 * removed [rtmetro] (obsolete)
 * [@store]: added methods: put_at, reassign
 * [pingpong]: added $1
 * [demux] renamed to [shunt] and extra optional arg added (for initial
 * new object classes:
   [range], [#mouse], [#pack], [#color], [bindpatcher],
   [#camera], [#fade_lin], [#peephole]
 * videodev: added method "get"
 * [@out quartz] now works properly
 * [@downscale_by smoothly] accepts any number of channels
 * [@inner2] removed; instead use [@transpose] with [@inner]
 * videodev: "transfer" message allows to change the queue's length
 * quicktime(hw): added messages "parameter", "framerate", "size"
 * quicktime(hw): fixed encoding bug
 * png: fixed memory leak
 * ./configure --lite disables float32 float64 int64
 * ./configure --verbose prints useless details
 * doc: rewrote installation instructions
 * x11: fixed memory leak in resizing window
 * on MacOS 10 [@out window] now defaults to [@out quartz]
 * doc: added credits section

the previous version was released on 2004.03.22 and was numbered 0.7.6.

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