[PD] Problems running PD/GEM in Win XP Professional

type_non type_non at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 26 11:40:10 CEST 2004

I have a project where i use PD/GEM. Unfortunately my old laptop broke up so i had to copy all the stuff to a new one. 
I used to have XP Home but on this one i have the Pro version. I copied all the pd directory and all the needed stuff, but i can't get my patches to work in the new laptop. I open the patches and when i play them, pd crashes. All my patches have video (DivX) that used to load fine in the old laptop but i can't get them to work in this new one. I installed the DivX codecs, of course, but it doesn't work.
One thing that i noticed between XP Home and the Pro, is that in Adobe Premiere, when trying to export a video, i had a list with all the codecs (Cinepak, DivX, etc.) but not in XP Pro, where i only have Xvid. 
I suspect that GEM isn't finding the DIvX codec, but i installed it and i can see the videos in Media Player...
Any idea how can i resolve this?
Btw, pd is 0.35-1 and GEM 0.87. I tried to install newer versions but the problem persists.
Best regards.

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