[PD] Problems running PD/GEM in Win XP Professional

type_non type_non at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 26 18:55:24 CEST 2004

i have standalone and common codecs: indeo, rle, mpeg... they appear in the video codecs in the control pannel, but they don't appear on Premiere. And as i said, i suspect that playing DivX in PD crashes because it doesn't find the codec (although it's installed). Homer.avi plays just fine, fos instance...
The strange thing is that i've done the same exact software instalation as i did for XP Home, but in Professional i'm having an hard time to make things work...

Aymeric <stm-sq at bleu255.com> wrote:
which codecs have you install ? "standalone" codecs or ffdshow ?
are you sure your graphic card driver is up to date ?
did you try to load a movie with "common" codec (indeo, rle..) or even a
short uncompressed movie ?
you should really update to the last version of pd/Gem even if right
now it doesn't help you.


On Thu, Aug 26, 2004 at 10:40:10AM +0100, type_non wrote :
> I have a project where i use PD/GEM. Unfortunately my old laptop broke up so i had to copy all the stuff to a new one. 
> I used to have XP Home but on this one i have the Pro version. I copied all the pd directory and all the needed stuff, but i can't get my patches to work in the new laptop. I open the patches and when i play them, pd crashes. All my patches have video (DivX) that used to load fine in the old laptop but i can't get them to work in this new one. I installed the DivX codecs, of course, but it doesn't work.
> One thing that i noticed between XP Home and the Pro, is that in Adobe Premiere, when trying to export a video, i had a list with all the codecs (Cinepak, DivX, etc.) but not in XP Pro, where i only have Xvid. 
> I suspect that GEM isn't finding the DIvX codec, but i installed it and i can see the videos in Media Player...
> Any idea how can i resolve this?
> Btw, pd is 0.35-1 and GEM 0.87. I tried to install newer versions but the problem persists.
> Best regards.
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