[PD] Pd 0.37.4 app test release for MacOS X

Stefan Tiedje Stefan-Tiedje at addcom.de
Thu Aug 26 20:20:40 CEST 2004

Hi Gerard,

0001 wrote:

> Hi Stefan. I think your message was intended for the list, so I cc 
> them my response.

Absolutely right, as this did not happen the first time... Is there a 
way to setup the list with a 'reply-to:pd-list at iem.at' in the header? 
Any other list I'm subscribed to would automatically reply to the list 
and not to the author.

> first of all keep in mind that those are test releases, and in my case 
> quite experimental. 

If the experimental version works and the offical doesn't, its still the 
more stable one for me. As I just dive in, I'm happy to wait for some 
wonderfull features I'm not missing yet ;-)

> with the latest version you can use the system console 
> (/Applications/Console.app). If you miss the [print] messages then 
> download it again, thie first one I uploaded had a problem with this

Yes that works fine now, thanks

> yes, with this version you don't need to worry about tcl / tk or the 
> wish shell anymore (well hopefully), everything goes bundled 

Other questions:
With Max there is a search path for externals or abstractions. Does Pd 
has the same concept, or simply, where do I have to put 3rd party 
externals or my own subpatchers in a way that Pd will find them.

I know PD is a Jack aware application, what do I have to do that Pd 
recognizes the Jack server? At the moment I get only an error message, 
cannot connect....

To test it again, I just quit Pd, started Jack, started Pd and when 
wanting to acces the Media menu, no menu appeared. I wanted to quit Pd, 
but it would not quit. I forced quit again, but the same behaviour. Pd 
also does not load any files anymore. (choosing with open a file would 
do nothing but closing the file selector window)
Must be some bug. I guess I have to restart OS X again.



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