[PD] Font Size under OS X?

J. Simon van der Walt j.simon at jsvdw.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Aug 26 20:58:54 CEST 2004

> hi simon,
> you can use the flag -font 10.
> this is in your .pdrc (is there a .pdrc in OSX???) or whatever startscript
> you use.

Thanks, but... I can't find a '.pdrc' file. What am I looking for here? A
file with the extension .pdrc, or an invisible file called '.pdrc'?

I can find settings for default font sizes, in my Pd.term file, but that is
font sizes for the *terminal* window, not the pd windows. I also found some
references to font sizes in the pd.tk file in lib/pd/bin?


J. Simon van der Walt    -----     Composer

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