[PD] Font Size under OS X?

Christian Klotz list_pd at deviation.de
Thu Aug 26 21:26:20 CEST 2004

>> hi simon,
>> you can use the flag -font 10.
>> this is in your .pdrc (is there a .pdrc in OSX???) or whatever 
>> startscript
>> you use.
> Thanks, but... I can't find a '.pdrc' file. What am I looking for 
> here? A
> file with the extension .pdrc, or an invisible file called '.pdrc'?
open your terminal and type vi .pdrc or use any other texteditor (the 
.pdrc is located in your home folder and invisible)
Christian Klotz
Kunsthochschule Kassel / School of Arts Kassel ::digitalpool

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