[PD] Pd convention, the best way to build a patch ?

abel.jerome at free.fr abel.jerome at free.fr
Sun Aug 29 13:47:18 CEST 2004


I'm just interesting about the best way to build a patch. Because, I fight
certainly against problems of programmation in pd. I've read this Pd convention

And I think, it's a great idea. An idea of how to do a patch clearly ...

But it can't answer to my present problem : I want to make a kind of array of
routing with two parameters (x and y) which could be changed (it would be the
At the beginning, without reflexions, it looks like this :

interesting, no?

In my new patch, I'm using the object matrix (Zexy lib) which allow to edit in
the array independantly the two parameters.

My questions are :
1. Is it possible, an array of three parameters changeable ?

What is the best way for a big numbers of parameters (here, my x values are
about 29 elements, my y values are 7 or plus) :

2. Do you privilege the direct connections with threads. So, with 29 * 7, its
like a forest of threads, it's impossible to update, and not clear at all. And,
it could generate some digital artefacts (**#!!!CLICKS !!). aNd sharing patchs,
how it could be possible if after three days we can't understand the patch. And
make threads, it's not my favorite job!

3.Do you privilege to creat send and receive objects. It's more clear, but it's
29 * 7, alias 203 objects more in the patchs. In the pd convention, they don't
advise this objects (WHY ?)

4. Or create unit abstraction which group for this example the 7 parameters.
It's more clear, and more updatable. But it's 29 objects more again !

5. And create abstraction of abstraction ?

So for you, what is the best to control a lot of parameters ?

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