[PD] Font Size under OS X?

Max Neupert abonnements at revolwear.com
Sun Aug 29 17:21:50 CEST 2004

>> invisible .pdrc in your home directory.
>> if it does not exist, create it (using text edit or whatever 
>> texteditor)
> I created one, but Textedit wont open it because its invisible. I 
> guess I should use a different editor (I prefer a noncommandline). 
> What is recommended for that purpose?
there is a way for people who fear the command line:

1. download & install tinkertool:

2. in tinkertool, set the finder to display system and hidden files, 
restart finder.

3. open and edit .pdrc in TextEdit

4. make sure in the TextEdit Preferences the option "add .txt extension 
when saved" is UNCHECKED

5. save in plain text format as .pdrc

6. recommended but not neccessary: check in Finder (Menue 
"Finder/Preferences/Extended" "Show all Suffixes" so OS X will not fool 
you by displaying a .pdrc file while it is actually a .pdrc.txt file 
which will not work.

you see: just typing "vim .pdrc" would be much easier.......
(and it is nerdier, which means it's cooler)


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