[PD] gem newbie questions

adam overton aoverton at calarts.edu
Thu Sep 2 13:52:59 CEST 2004

awesome, IOhannes!
thanks for the speedy and insightful reply.

>> 1. is the pd-list the best place to ask basic gem questions, or 
>> should they be sent to gem-dev?
> it is perfect.
> gem-dev is rather for development-issues and in-depth-questions.

great. i look forward to bugging you all more in the near future...

>> 2. is there a way to make the Gem output window come to the front and 
>> sit on top of the other open pd windows? i can't move the window, and 
>> i know that's because you can only control that with the 'position' 
>> command to gemwin (will that ever change?? it'd be nice to be able to 
>> drag it around...). but if i'm doing a fullscreen thing with gem, 
>> then
> i think this is a problem with how pd works together with osX-gui 
> (they don't go together very well).
> there have been attemtps (e.g. by jamie) to come around this 
> limitation, and as i understand it, these will be included in future 
> versions of pd.

looking very, very forward to such developments... figured it was an 
osx dealie.

>> 3. all of the tutorials have all of their toggle switches set to the 
>> OFF order to get the screen to go to its clear default OFF state. is 
>> there a way to have all of the gemhead's *really* start in the OFF 
>> state? i
> well, [gemhead]s are by default ON. there is no way to turn them off 
> by default.
> [toggle]s are by default OFF. however, they can be set to "init", 
> which propagates their state on startup: this is similar to 
> "loadbang"; what it means is, that the state displayed in the [toggle] 
> matches the state of the [gemhead].
> (in short: edit the properties of each toggle and set it to "init")

ahh, i will try this...

>> 4. i get lots and lots of errors when i use pix_image and pix_film 
>> with changed, or is there already an easy way around this besides 
>> actually going and changing all of my images to the same size?
> there used to be [pix_resize] object, but a) i don't know if it is 
> really working (i guess it is not), and b) it will only enlarge images 
> to the next power-of-2 (this is not exactly what you want)
> and no, i don't plan to change the restriction that images need to be 
> equal sized for mixing
> but yes, [pix_resize] will probably be fixed.

figured you'd say that. i just need to take more responsibility for 
what i try throwing into gem...

> mfg.ads.r
> IOhannes

thanks again!

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