[PD] project idea

shreeswifty bigswift at ufl.edu
Sat Sep 4 16:04:26 CEST 2004


i am beginning a project that deals with cell phone communication and i 
am soliciting ideas for a way to include pd
into the performance. What i would like to do is have visitors or 
audience members turn on their cell phones before the performance
instead of the traditional "please turn off all cell-phones..blah blah"
The audience would then be given a phone number on screen to dial and 
call into a voice system that would turn the cell phone message into 
mp3s (OGGS)?

Which would/could stream using shoutcast~  back into the space.

Does anyone know of any services that do this online. I know of a 
blogger site that does something like translating the call into an 
audio file
then i guess shoutcast it from there?

any ideas

i realise this is embryonic but i am wondering if this is possible with 
pd in the mix

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