[PD] Oggcast~ buffer size

Olaf Matthes olaf.matthes at gmx.de
Sun Sep 5 00:35:10 CEST 2004

Jorge Cardoso wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have been playing around with [oggcast~ ]plus Icecast2 and a 
> question has arised:
> What is the effect of changing the buffer size in [oggcast~]?
> It would seem to me that using a bigger buffer would mean having a 
> higher delay in the stream
> from to Icecast, but it seems to work the other way round! When I 
> lower the
> buffer size in [oggcast~] I get higher delays in the sound stream...
> Can anyone explain how this works? 

The audio gets copied into the buffer and a second thread encodes and 
sends it. Since encoding and sending might take some time to complete 
the buffer needs a minimum size that depends on the speed of your 
machine (encoding) and the speed of the network connection (sending). 
Using larger buffer on a fast machine with high-speed connection should 
not change anything (apart from memory usage, of course). 


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