[PD] [Fwd: PiDiP as workshop]

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Sun Sep 5 21:21:14 CEST 2004

> no,that's definitely not ok
> and to try to change our talk schedule from the start is not ok neither,

i realize some elements are missing here for real, clear and precise 
information :

from the very start, the three of us asked for 3 speeches,
that would be :

1 - "advanced graphical objects for pd : unauthorized pd" ----> Yves 
2 - "high level video processing with pd : PiDiP" --> Yves Degoyon, 
Lluis Gomez y Bigorda
3 - "open-source web interface for pd : pdweb" ex : 
gollum.artecfacte.org ---> Lluis Gomez y Bigorda, Yves Degoyon

then i thought it would be interesting to add that speech too :

4 - "streaming medias with pd : operating a web radio with pd" : ex: 
radio riereta.net ----> Ramiro Consentino

then, on the schedule, we finally got for all 1 slot of 30 minutes !!!
then i said to the guy, there plenty of slots,
on the first day ( monday ), in the afternoon, ....

the answer was no, you can do it on the table in the cafeteria ( 
something like that ).


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