[PD] ideal laptop for pd

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Tue Sep 7 12:34:11 CEST 2004

hi siggmuss,

>> now i have a pentium 4 , 2.6 and 512 ram, and i feel limited , i cant
>> work very compex patches .....
>> the salesman told me pentium m is faster than pentium 4 but im not sure

2.6 MHz should let yo do just about anything in PD. you might look into 
the possibility that your P4 processor is giving you trouble with 
denormal numbers. If you see any strange leaps in CPU usage, it is 
probably this denormal bug. It is common for P4 processors with all 
kinds of audio softs, so I would recommend either an Athlon [which I use 
with my "Polish laptop", a Shuttle X with Athlon XP processor] or a G4 
or G5. These days, I only steer people away from Intel processors if 
they want to do audio. As others here have mentioned, these new Athlon 
64 bits are looking interesting, however there is still not a lot of 
software which takes advantage of them.


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