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Ivan Franco ivan.franco at ydreams.com
Wed Sep 8 19:05:54 CEST 2004

On Sep 8, 2004, at 5:48 PM, chris clepper wrote:

> On Sep 8, 2004, at 10:37 AM, Ivan Franco wrote:
>> in fact those of you who know jitter or nato know how cool it is
>> to be able to have monitors inside the patch itself. They can
>> act like |print| (debugging data) only in this case with video 
>> streams.
>> of course it should be complicated using a tcl/tk interface but
> These are also big performance drains, which often outweighs their 
> usefulness.  I don't think any of the current GEM developers are going 
> to try putting a GEM window in a patcher.

ok with that. Only I do believe they're useful since with floating 
windows it's common to get your display window behind your patch window 
(frontmost). You must always click on the
Gemwin to get the big picture. With GOP Gemwins you can always be on 
the same frontmost window and debug really quick.

>> if we could just have multiple monitors floating around and picking
>> part of a Gem processing stream...
> This will probably be possible at some point, but there are other very 
> interesting reasons for multiple render targets - things like 
> rendering to surfaces and textures that we are really looking forward 
> to having.
> Also, speaking just for myself, I have no interest whatsoever in 
> duplicating features from Nato, Jitter or other software at this 
> point.  I find those two Max video systems flawed in both technical 
> and conceptual design, and do not wish to repeat their mistakes.  The 
> goal now is to incorporate designs that are fairly unique and not yet 
> available in real-time artist oriented software.  You can get an idea 
> of some of these directions by checking out the latest branches in CVS 
> or playing with Cyrille's excellent pmpd package.  If you are really 
> and truly seeking a standard A/B VJ style system then I would agree 
> that GEM is probably not the best choice for such a thing, and you 
> would perhaps be better served by the hundreds, if not thousands, of 
> free and commercial softwares designed to do exactly that.

It's not about copying other features. As I said before I love Gem and 
did a lot of interactive stuff with it in the past. Only this time 
around I need previewing in a vj style. That's why I mentioned packages 
like Nato or Jitter. Also I don't intend to use other software since I 
know I have control using PD.

Sorry for the following comment but I'm a bit bothered about how people 
react when we talk about Max or Nato or Jitter or whatever software 
similar to PD/GEM/etc...
I'm really supportive about opensource and I think it's the way to go, 
but I must mention something that seems good/practical, in my point of 
view, in those softwares.
Not comparing or asking for features. Just commenting, since we all 
want GEM to grow to be more....


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