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Ivan Franco ivan.franco at ydreams.com
Thu Sep 9 13:46:20 CEST 2004

Ok, just another general comment:

I personally think that one thing to keep in mind, concerning 
architecture/implementation on all of
PD's visual externals, would be to have a nice performance of both 
visuals and audio
running in the same PD patch. The most interesting thing about having 
visuals and audio in the same app is to be able to drive both in 
It's just a bit frustrating when you have this beautiful Gem patch and
then you throw some simple synthesis in and "click, drop, glitch"! 

This is a problem with all packages and I don't know the implications on
the developing side. Just thinking out loud! :)

Cheers all and thanks for all your efforts! They are taken in account...


On Sep 8, 2004, at 7:37 PM, chris clepper wrote:

> On Sep 8, 2004, at 12:05 PM, Ivan Franco wrote:
>> Sorry for the following comment but I'm a bit bothered about how 
>> people react when we talk about Max or Nato or Jitter or whatever 
>> software similar to PD/GEM/etc...
>> I'm really supportive about opensource and I think it's the way to 
>> go, but I must mention something that seems good/practical, in my 
>> point of view, in those softwares.
>> Not comparing or asking for features. Just commenting, since we all 
>> want GEM to grow to be more....
> That's a fair comment.  The comparisons are fine, and I have made them 
> before myself.
> However, I find it valuable to try to give some idea of what is going 
> on in the development end, and give some idea of what we are 
> attempting to do.
> One of the basis for my previous comments is that I have found that 
> most of the video systems around are for the most part exactly the 
> same (along with their audio counterparts), and I do not see the need 
> to make GEM into another one of those.  It has some features that do 
> set it apart, like being one of the few (only?) pure 3D systems, which 
> need to be explored further.
> Your request for multiple windows is a good one, and it will happen, 
> but it is part of a larger project that goes beyond having some 
> preview windows.  At this point, the GEM developers are starting to 
> not discuss development on the level of individual features and 
> enhancements, but rather at the level of systems design and 
> implementation.  This seems to be very different from how most 
> software is worked on, and I'm hoping it leads to a lot of new tools 
> and solves some problems.  There really is a vast area of ideas 
> relating to video and graphics that haven't even been touched on by 
> anyone working on this type of software.  Right now, I want to explore 
> these avenues rather than just coding up some more video plugins and 
> adding more variants of existing features, which is unfortunately 
> seems to be the most common path for software developers to take.
> cgc
Ivan Franco
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