[PD] ati mobility 9600 problem

--//-- schwarz at gen-control.com
Thu Sep 9 14:35:23 CEST 2004


maybe a little off-list...

has anybody yet tried to run gem on an ati mobility 9600 (windows)? there 
is a problem when using
textures on geos. it looks quiet as if there is a problem with the bit 
depth (colors are reduced).

i don`t really think its a problem with gem itself (as i tested the same 
textures with pix_draw
and they worked fine. only if i send them to the gpu via pix_texture the 
problem appears).

i made shure that the card is forced to use 24bit textures but that made no 
difference at all. there
is no posting in any ati forum concerning this problem (what made me post 
this mail to the list)

maybe someone can help?


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