[PD] bluetooth remote control?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Sep 10 18:07:53 CEST 2004

Christian Klotz hat gesagt: // Christian Klotz wrote:

> On Sep 10, 2004, at 3:31 PM, Pall Thayer wrote:
> >I know there's something that lets you controll xmms from a mobile
> >over bluetooth on linux. Most likely open-source and could give
> >some idea of what's involved.
> the problem is, that I wont use a mobile. I just wanna have a device
> which gives you the possibility to use a rotary controller which
> outputs a number according to the position. By pushing a button the
> number should be transfered to the receiver and processed by the pd
> patch.  thats why I am looking for a solution but the mobile remote
> control software wont work in this case I think.

I read a bit about this and found, that there is a Bluethooth Human
Interface Device (HID) protocol that is very similar, maybe even
combatible to the USB HID protocol. At least on Linux there already
are HID event externals written by Hans-Christoph Steiner (in
externals/hcs). They may work or can be made to work with Bluetooth
HID as well. But AFAIK there are no equivalent HID externals for OS-X,

If you can live with a cord: I sometime use the Shuttle X-Press
Jog/Shuttle wheel with the linuxevent externals.

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