[PD] new graphical objects

ix ix at replic.net
Sat Sep 11 11:11:45 CEST 2004

put some graphical objects used in the 'freebase' cubase-replacement slash OSC/Control-Data improvizational realtime object-embedding sequencer up at:


droptext: drop text from other widgets and maybe some X apps
dropfile: drop files from filesystem or web browser
kbd: resizable, velocity-sensitive keyboard
tree: collapsible tree, for 'pool' heirachy, or files of a certain type piped in from find/shell, or sequence data, or emails..recipe book, etc...

at least a few more are planned, in regards to editing of pool dirs / qlists / maybe 'structs' / 2d-arrangement with blt&tkzinc .......

perhaps the wiki needs a section for sharing graphical objects...since theyre not exactly 'externals' and not exactly patches......

big ups to thomas grill and krzysztof czaja...

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