[PD] new graphical objects

Josh Steiner josh at vitriolix.com
Sat Sep 11 19:34:02 CEST 2004

very cool.  so it looks like my problems with .38test4 (sometimes 
opening patches blank, sometimes the drawing corrupted) might be toxy 
related... can anyone get dropfile.pd to corectly open with .38test4?  
on windows?  on my pd it opens blank (if i have -lib toxy in my .bat). 

ix wrote:

>put some graphical objects used in the 'freebase' cubase-replacement slash OSC/Control-Data improvizational realtime object-embedding sequencer up at:
>droptext: drop text from other widgets and maybe some X apps
>dropfile: drop files from filesystem or web browser
>kbd: resizable, velocity-sensitive keyboard
>tree: collapsible tree, for 'pool' heirachy, or files of a certain type piped in from find/shell, or sequence data, or emails..recipe book, etc...
>at least a few more are planned, in regards to editing of pool dirs / qlists / maybe 'structs' / 2d-arrangement with blt&tkzinc .......
>perhaps the wiki needs a section for sharing graphical objects...since theyre not exactly 'externals' and not exactly patches......
>big ups to thomas grill and krzysztof czaja...
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