[PD] ggee compile errors

navz at dreaming.org navz at dreaming.org
Sun Sep 12 04:16:28 CEST 2004

thanks for your help so far frank, it looks as though i am attempting a
different workaround...

i'm going to take the shell.pd_linux (and the other goodies from the extra in
pd-externals/puredata apt-get) and drop them into a custom install.  rude and
crude and but it should work.  i'll mv the appropriate docs too.  hopefully
thats it.  it turns out i used /usr/local/lib for my installs and apt uses
usr/lib/ for its pd so trampling should be avoided.

if it doesn't work i'll just wait till next week when i get a new machine to
work on and use gentoo where compiling is still fashionable ;)

although the .deb seems like a great idea; i mean it installs with jack and has
both oss and alsa support plus all those externs and gem in just a few seconds.

quite a beautiful experience.  too bad it didnt work though.  (i'll submit the
report through bugreport if i can't figure out why)  seems deb pd doesnt want
to open any windows; gives me watchdogs on root w/-rt flag; and when launched
says "Pd: system call timed out".  actually its totally dysfunctional right
now.  but i'll try again later, maybe reboot or some trick might do it.  

thanks again for your suggestions frank, i'll get it going soon, and will try to
use the fakeroot debian/thing too

oh and all the best in graz pd developers, thanks for pd it roxxxx




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> Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 20:40:52 +0200
> From: Frank Barknecht <fbar at footils.org>
> To: pd-list at iem.at
> Subject: Re: [PD] ggee compile errors
> Hallo,
> navz at dreaming.org hat gesagt: // navz at dreaming.org wrote:
> > well, because i didnt apt-get pd to begin with, and now its quite
> customized
> > with other externals... will this externals pkg trample the rest of my
> > installed pd?
> It will trample on your externals and will install the Debian Pd,
> because it depends on it. 
> There are various ways around it. One is to build your own Pd as a
> debian package. This is very easy done by "fakeroot debian/rules
> binary" after copying the "debian" directory from the deb or from CVS.
> I could explain the details, if there is interest. 
> You can do the same for the externals: There is a directory
> "externals/debian" in the CVS, which makes this very easy for Debian
> users. 
> It's good to use a CVS checkout for this, not some packages which
> might be a bit old.
> A third solution is going to "externals/build/linux" and type "make"
> there, then copy the externals you want somewhere in your Pd-path (or
> add "externals/build/linux" to your path. This is the easiest,
> building debs is the most clean solution, which isn't hard at all,
> too.
> Ciao
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