[PD] ggee compile errors

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Sep 13 01:43:03 CEST 2004

navz at dreaming.org hat gesagt: // navz at dreaming.org wrote:

> i'm going to take the shell.pd_linux (and the other goodies from the extra in
> pd-externals/puredata apt-get) and drop them into a custom install.  rude and
> crude and but it should work.  

Yes, it should.

> i'll mv the appropriate docs too.  hopefully
> thats it.  it turns out i used /usr/local/lib for my installs and apt uses
> usr/lib/ for its pd so trampling should be avoided.

You might need to add /usr/lib/pd/extra etc. to your Pd path as well.

> if it doesn't work i'll just wait till next week when i get a new machine to
> work on and use gentoo where compiling is still fashionable ;)

Debian not only has the best Pd packages, it has Gentoo built-in: 

alias ebuild="apt-get build-dep PACKAGE && apt-get --build source PACKAGE "

> quite a beautiful experience.  too bad it didnt work though.  (i'll submit the
> report through bugreport if i can't figure out why)  seems deb pd doesnt want
> to open any windows; gives me watchdogs on root w/-rt flag; and when launched
> says "Pd: system call timed out".  actually its totally dysfunctional right
> now.  but i'll try again later, maybe reboot or some trick might do it.  

Well, it won't help, but I never had this problems with the Debian

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