lalo alfonso.santimone at tin.it
Mon Sep 13 18:09:52 CEST 2004

I'm doin' test to vst~ too....in progress...
but until now most of vsts i use works...

> R.A) Is there a way to send a midi Sync signal, maybe there is a way 
> to do it with midi messages, I just do not know how.
> R.B)Also, could vst~ output midi messages? 
> The two previous requests would open up the world of vst sequencers 
> and that would be great.
> Happy to be a vst~ user
> tom

Tempo sync (VstTimeInfo is the proper vst-sdk class that takes care of 
it) and midi out are already part of the standard vst implementation...
i think thomas is goin' to work it out and implement it in vst~.....at 
least i hope it...

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