[PD] toxy quirk

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Tue Sep 14 12:00:50 CEST 2004

hi cdr, Josh,

cdr wrote:
>>can anyone get dropfile.pd to corectly open with .38test4?  
>>on windows?  on my pd it opens blank (if i have -lib toxy in my .bat). 
> i'm not sure that's specific to 0.38. however i would always recommend building toxy to your pd version, rather than use binaries( the makefile in externals/miXed/ will build in GCC on windows, or linux..or osx...) since a minor tweak in any of the g_ files could break everything...(mathieu has seemed interested in pure-Tk GUI objects so i would hope or suspect the process is integrated one day..)

it is unlikely toxy would work with 0.38, I am afraid, without
updating the way of addressing Tk objects (or waiting for Miller
to release a version which restores the original way).

> so i noticed if you open drop*.pd first, pd freezes, on this:
> image create bitmap ::toxy::img::empty -data {}
> proc ::toxy::doreply {target vname vndx op} {
>  pd [concat $target _rp $::toxy::reply \;]
>  unset ::toxy::reply
> }
> pdtk_canvas_new .x9f5850 505 131 +471+279 0
> wm title .x9f5850 {dropfile.pd  - C:/samples/_p/pd}
> set menu_windowlist {{dropfile.pd .x9f5850} }
> pdtk_fixwindowmenu

weird the trace ends here...  The fragile part of potential
widget-to-text transformation (which is fired on a Tk failure)
comes just next, after [widget]s start sending Tk-widget drawing

Have you tried building toxy with uncommented WIDGET_DEBUG,


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