[PD] vowels

Thomas Comiotto comiotto at rcfmedia.ch
Wed Sep 15 19:18:07 CEST 2004

Hi all,

I'm thinking of building a patch suitable for replacing specific vovels 
of some pre-recorded / live-captured speech fragments by some other 
vovels (eg. every 'uuh' becomes an 'ööh' or 'aah' or the like, while 
every 'iih stays an 'iih') for morphing/bending swiss-german idioms.  So 
I wanted to ask for possible solutions to do that in pd, possibly in 
realtime? I can think of analizing the source signal's FFT, modulate 
target vovels and feed results back into the resulting stream. But I'm 
quite an FFT newbie and perhaps there's a better/simpler approach?

Best regards

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